PIANO C (Italian for Plan C) was created on October 6th 2017, when a few Italian volunteers from camps of the SeriousFun Children's Network decided to join their efforts to keep bringing the magic of camp to campers from all over Italy.


SeriousFun is a network of camps that offers specially designed programmes for children and their families living with a serious illness, giving them not just a great holiday but also a unique experience that they will carry with them for life.


PIANO C, as an NGO, is in need of as much help as possible from enthusiastic people that support our cause. We organise and promote projects that help children affected by serious oncological or haematological diseases; we fundraise all year round to support our projects and we welcome everyone willing to donate or help spreading the word about PIANO C and our mission.


PIANO C is the link between Camp and children living in Italy. We aim to be a turning point in their lives and help them earn more self esteem to face new challenges with renewed confidence.


PIANO C for Challenge. Like the ones that life will put on our path.

PIANO C for Choice. We want to be able to choose when and how to face these challenges.

PIANO C for Camp. We can overcome these challenges with the magic of Camp.