Children with serious oncological or haematological diseases may feel like they’re left aside, that other people take most of the decisions on their behalf and that they are not able to fully enjoy their childhood.


PUNTO A CAMPO aims to give back to these children the childhood that they deserve.


How do we do that? We take them to Camp!


PUNTO A CAMPO, the main project of Piano C, first started in 2002 under the caring wing of the Fondazione Alberto Rangoni NGO and in 2017 was handed over to PIANO C.


So far we have taken over 1000 children – and 300 volunteers – from Italy to various SeriousFun Camps over the world, at no cost for the children and their families!


Punto a Campo helps children to get back their childhood through a unique holiday experience where they get to challenge themselves, discover skills they didn’t know they had, improve their confidence and self-esteem and, most importantly, have FUN!